NGL Markets

NGL Markets

HMX is a primary execution platform for natural gas liquids trading. Producers, consumers, traders and financial institutions use the HMX Platform to buy or sell physical ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline at the key industry trading hubs of Mont Belvieu, Texas and Conway, Kansas. The HMX platform is also the most widely utilized electronic platform to execute cleared financial transactions for managing price risk in these markets... price discovery, transparency and execution all in an equal access market.

Transaction Types

Transactions can be executed on HMX in two ways:

  1. Cleared through CME Clearport®, ICE Clear Europe. Cleared transactions are available to participants who are registered for CME Clearport®, ICE Clear Europe and have an account with a registered clearing firm (FCM).

    Products Available to Trade on HMX* for submission for clearing:

    *All transactions executed on the HMX Platform that are intended for clearing are submitted to either of the above clearinghouses through the HMX system on behalf of clearing participants by HMX Futures LLC. HMX Futures LLC is an approved Introducing Broker registered with the National Futures Association.
  2. Bilateral physical. Participants manage counterparties through a built in credit management matrix individually and securely managed by each participant company. Bilateral transactions settle through physical delivery at the appropriate agreed delivery location. The contracts between counterparties to bilateral transactions are typically those contract arrangements already existing between such counterparties.


  • E/P Mix
  • Ethane
  • Propane
  • Normal Butane
  • Iso Butane
  • Natural Gasoline

Locations include:

Mont Belvieu, TX

  • LST
  • EPC
  • Targa
Conway, KS
Bushton, KS
Hattiesburg, MS